Amy (born 23 September 1983, age 35) is a female Bornean Orangutan. She is Jane and Louis' daughter, Jambi's sister, Banghi's former mate, Gordon and his late half-sister's mother and Jin's paternal grandmother.

She was born at a private zoo to Louis and Jane (who previously had two other children, who sadly died when they were around three months old). She was rejected by Jane and was hand reared by one of the zoo's keepers Jeremy Keeling.

In 1987, Amy went with Jeremy to Monkey World after it was opened by him and Jim Cronin and became the first orangutan at the park. When she was older, Amy was paired with Banghi. In 1996, Amy fell pregnant, but sadly lost the baby. On 9th December 1997, Amy gave birth to her and Banghi's son Gordon.

However, due to not being raised by her own mother, Amy rejected Gordon, who was hand reared by Jeremy and a fellow Monkey World keeper named Mike Coburn. A year later, Banghi died from a long term illness. Around this time, Jeremy attempted to have Amy bound with Gordon. After a year of attempts, mother and son finally bounded. Over the next few years, Amy and Gordon were joined by orangutans from a rescue centre in Taiwan; RoRo, Lucky, Hsiao-Quai, Hsiao-Lan, Tuan and A-Mei.

In 2008, Amy mated with Tuan and had a daughter with him. Sadly, the baby passed away a day later.

Currently, Amy lives in a group with Gordon and Hsiao-Lan. In 2009, Amy became a grandmother after Gordon fathered a son named Jin with Hsiao-Quai.