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Banghi (1986-1998, aged 12) was a male Bornean Orangutan who was Amy's mate, Gordon's father and Jin's paternal grandfather.

He originally lived at Chester Zoo, but was given to Monkey World on a loan to pair with the park's only orangutan Amy. When first meeting Banghi, Amy threw him against ther enclosure's electric fence before later pushing him from a platform he was on. However afterwards, she warmed to him.

The pair mated in 1996, causing Amy to fall pregnant, but she sadly suffered a miscarriage. They later had a child, but it died not long after being born.

The pair mated again in 1997 and Amy once again fell pregnant. During the pregnancy, Amy began to reject Banghi's affections, but near the end of the pregnancy, she warmed up to him again. Amy gave birth to her and Banghi's son Gordon that December. However, due to being hand reared, Amy rejected Gordon, who was then hand reared.

During his time at Monkey World, Banghi suffered from a long-running cold and had to be given antibotics disguised in food.

Despite the staff's efforts to cure him, Banghi sadly passed away in 1998 aged 12 after the infection reached his throat sac and caused him to deteriorate, leaving Amy as the only orangutan in the enclosure, until Gordon was reintroduced.

In 2009, Banghi posthumously gained a grandson named Jin after Gordon mated with Hsiao-Quai.