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Bob (b. 27th January 1994 d. 1998, aged 4) was a male chimpanzee. He was the son of Rodney and Jane (who later died in September 1995) and was the half-brother of Arfur, Jess, Ben and Pip and the uncle of Rodders. He was a member of Charlie's Group.

Bob was hand-reared by Monkey World's Animal Director Jeremy Keeling before being put into the park's nursery group with his half-siblings Arfur and Jess to be cared for by Sally. In 1996, they were joined by four young male chimps: Simon (who was rescued from Spain), Hananya, Tikko, Gypsy and Semach (all of whom came from Isreal). In 1998, they were joined by a young female chimp named Trudy (who had been abused by circus trainer Mary Chipperfield).

Later that year, Bob and his group formed a new group with Charlie (who acted as leader), Pacito, Mojo, Mona and Peggy (the latter three were part of Chico's Group until his death).

Tragically, that same year, Bob fell ill from a stomach infection and despite the staff's best efforts, he sadly passed away.

In 2005, Bob postumously became an uncle to Jess and Hananya's son Rodders.