Charlie (cira 1983 - 2009, age 26) was a male chimpanzee.

He was estimated to have been born in 1983 and was smuggled from the wild at a young age to be a beach photographer's prop in Spain. During his time as a photographer's prop, Charlie was badly abused by his owner and had all but three of his teeth pulled out. This resulted in Charlie having mental issues.

Charlie was eventually rescued in 1989 and brought to Monkey World, were he was placed in a group of chimpanzees led by Butch and became second-in-command. In 1996, Butch was removed from the group (due to his aggresive behaviour towards the female members) and was placed in the Bachelor Group. Following this, Charlie and the other members of the group were merged with another chimpanzee group led by Rodney, with Charlie becoming his second-in-command. Due to his mental issues, Charlie would display whenever tanks from a neighbouring military camp drove past the group's enclosure. In 1997, the group was merged with a group led by Paddy whom Rodney became second-in-command to. One day, Charlie was badly bitten in the hand, resulting in one of his fingers having to be amputated. Not wanting Charlie to be hurt again, the staff decided to remove him from Paddy's group.

After spending some time on his own, Charlie was paired with another male chimpanzee named Pacito, who came to Monkey World after being kept as a pet in Spain. At first, Pacito was unsure of Charlie, as he had not been with other chimpanzees since infancy, but eventually warmed up to him. The staff decided to form a new group which Charlie and Pacito would be part off in 1998. The group consited of Sally, the then nursery group (Hananya, Tikko, Simon, Semach, Arfur, Jess, Gypsy, Trudy and Bob (who later passed away)) and three other adult chimps named Mojo, Mona and Peggy (who had previously been part of Chico's Group until Chico's death). This worked for a while until Charlie became too agressive towards the other members and was moved out along with Pacito. The group was then led by Rodney and later Hananya.

After a failed attempt to put them into Paddy's group, it was decided that Charlie and Pacito should be in the Bachelor Group. Fortunatly they were accepted into the group by Butch (who was the group's leader), who remembered Charlie.

Charlie sadly died in 2009 aged 26 years old.