Cindy (born circa 1979, age 38/39) is a female chimpanzee and the leader of her group.

She is estimated to have been born in Africa in 1979 and was smuggled from the wild at a young age to be used as a beach photographer's prop in Spain. Cindy was eventually rescued and placed in a halfway house owned by Simon and Peggy Templer.

On 14th July 1987, Cindy along with Paddy, Zoe, Beth, Micky, Busta, Taffy (who later died in 1988) Jimmy and Sammy (both of whom now reside in the Bachelor Group), arrived at Monkey World and formed the park's first chimpanzee group with Paddy as leader and Cindy as the dominant female.

In 1997, Cindy's group was merged with a group led by Rodney, who became Paddy's second-in-command. In 1999, Rodney was ousted from the group by the female members and went on to lead another group whilst Jimmy replaced him as second-in-command.

Following Paddy's death in 2016, Cindy took over as the leader of the group.