George (born circa 1984, aged 34) is a male ring tailed lemur.

Before coming to Monkey World, George lived at a safari park where he would raid people's lunches, which resulted in him becoming overweight.

In 1999, George was ousted from his group due to eating all of the food there. He was placed into an enclosure with a male capuchin monkey named Arthur to give him company. That same year, they were joined by another capuchin monkey named Sinbad.

However, George continued to eat all of the food in the enclosure. Evenually, Arthur and Sinbad took a stand against George, resulting in the lemur being removed from the enclosure.

After spending some time on his own, George eventually lost weight and was eventually accepted back into his old group.

He currently shares an enclosure with a female patas monkey named Mica and two red-bellied guenon monkeys named Benny and Nia.