Gordon (born 9 December 1997, age 20) is a male Bornean Orangutan. He is the son of Amy and her late mate Banghi, Amy's baby's older half-brother and Jin's father.

He was born at Monkey World and is the dominant male of his group.

Unfortnatly due to being hand-reared, Amy rejected Gordon, resulting in the newborn being hand-reared by Monkey World's staff members Jeremy Keeling (who had hand-reared Amy) and Mike Coburn. During the day, Gordon would live in a day room at Monkey World and would return to Mike's home at night. He would also later share the day room with a baby chimpanzee named Seamus (who later moved into Sally's Group and later the Bachelor Group).

When Gordon was a year old, Jeremy decided to try and reunite him with Amy. After a year of failed attempts, Amy eventually accepted her son.

Eventually, more orangutuans joined the duo, including adolesent females RoRo, Hsiao-Quai (who sadly passed away in 2017), Hsiao-Lan, Lucky and an adult male named Tuan, who acted as a father figure to Gordon.

In 2008, Gordon gained a half-sister after Amy mated with Tuan. Sadly, the baby passed away a day later.

In 2009, Gordon mated with Hsiao-Quai and had a son with her named Jin (who now lives with Oshine in the Orangutan Nursery).

Currently, Gordon lives with Amy and Hsiao-Lan.

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