Hananya 2

This is Hananya, standing proudly.

Hananya is the leader of his own group.

He was born in 1993 and was smuggled from the wild to Isreal as part of the pet trade. Hananya along with other young chimps Simon, Tikko, Semach and Gypsy, was saved and brought to Monkey World in 1996 where they were put into the nursery along with three captive born chimpanzees named Bob (who passed away in 1998), Arfur and Jess to be cared for by Sally.

Eventually, Monkey World's staff decided to make a new chimpanzee group out of Sally's group with two adult males named Charlie and Pacito. However, this only worked for a short time as Charlie (who had mental scars due to his earlier life as a photographer's prop) would lash out. Eventually, Charlie and Pacito were moved into the Bachelor Group and Sally returned to caring for younger chimps. Hananya and his playmates became members of Rodney's new group.

A few years later, Hananya became Rodney's second-in-command. In 2004, Hananya got into a fight with Rodney. The other male chimps in the group took Hananya's side and attacked Rodney, but stopped after realising that they had hurt Rodney. Afterwards, Rodney was taken from the enclosure to be tended to, but died during the night from a heart attack.

Following Rodney's death, Hananya took over as leader. He has fathered three children; Rodders (whom he had with Jess in 2005), Thelma (whom he had with Cherri in 2013) and Louise (Thelma's twin sister who died shortly after).


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