Paddy (cira 1980- 28 October 2016, aged 36) was a male chimpanzee who was the dominant male of his group until his death.

He was born in the wild, but was taken from the wild as an infant and became a beach photographer's prop in Spain. In 1987, Paddy, along with eight other chimpanzees named Zoe, Cindy, Beth, Micky, Busta, Jimmy, Sammy (who later moved into the Bachelor Group) and Taffy (who later died in 1988), was rescued and brought to Monkey World and formed the first chimpanzee group at the park with Paddy as leader.

In 1997, Paddy's group was merged with one of the park's other chimpanzee groups, which was led by an elderly chimp named Rodney. Following a brief fight, Paddy and Rodney eventually accepted each other with Rodney becoming Paddy's second-in-command. However in 1999, Rodney was ousted from the group by the female members and was succeeded by Jimmy (before he was moved to the Bachelor Group after he challenged Paddy).

Thoughout his time at Monkey World, Paddy fathered six children; Seamus (born 1999 and lives in the Bachelor Group) whom he had with Cherri, Hebe (born 1999 died 2016) whom he had with Olympia, Johni (born 1999 and lives in Hananya's Group) whom he had with Clin, Eddi (born 2000) and Bart (born 2007) whom he had with Susie and Ash (born 2005 and lives in Bryan's Group) whom he had with Cathy.

Sadly in October 2016, Paddy passed away in his sleep aged 36 due to heart failure.