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Peanut (born circa 1998, age 20/21) is a female golden-cheeked gibbon.

She is estimated to have been born in 1998 and was smuggled from Vietnam for the illegal pet trade and was sold to a British bird smuggler.

She came to Monkey World on 25th August 2000 and lived with an older female golden-cheeked gibbon named Zoey. When she was older, Peanut was paired with a male golden-cheeked gibbon named Pung-Yo.

So far, Peanut and Pung-Yo have had three children; Tien (born 2006), Tia Nang (born 2009) and Teo (born 2011) whom have all moved out of the enclosure (Tien now lives in a seperate enclosure with his mate Kim, Tia Nang now lives in Parc Animalier de Sainte Croix in France with her mate Mikado whilst Teo lives in a seperate enclosure with Kim's brother Zak).

In 2016, Peanut became a grandmother after Tien and Kim had a son. Sadly the infant died shortly after birth.