Pung-Yo (born circa 1999, age 19/20) is a male golden-cheeked gibbon.

He is estimated to have been born in 1999. In 2000, he was smuggled from the wild but was rescued after the boat he was on was raided by Taiwanese Customs authorities. He went on to live at the Pintung Rescue Centre.

Pung-Yo was brought to Monkey World on 21st July 2001. When he was older, Pung-Yo was paired with a female golden-cheeked gibbon named Peanut.

So far, Pung-Yo and Peanut have had three children; sons Tien (born 2006) and Teo (born 2011) and daughter Tia Nang (born 2009), all of whom have moved (Tien now lives in a seperate enclosure with his mate Kim, Tia Nang now lives in Parc Animalier de Sainte Croix in France with her mate Mikado and Teo now lives in a seperate enclosure with Kim's brother Zak).

In 2016, Pung-Yo became a grandfather after Tien and Kim had a son. Sadly, the infant died shortly after birth.