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Sally is a female chimpanzee who is the leader of her group.

She was born in the wild and is estimated to have been born in 1989. She was taken from the wild at a young age and was made a beach photographer's prop.

Sally was eventually rescued and brought to Monkey World on 10th November 1993 alongside two other female chimps named Peppa and Lola (who live in Cindy's Group). She was placed into a group led by Butch. However due to his agressive behaviour, Butch was placed into the Bachelor Group whilst the remaining members of his old group was placed in another group led by Rodney with the exception of Sally, who was put into the park's nursery group (due to her caring nature) to care for any young chimpanzees who came to the park or were born at the park and were rejected by their mothers, until they were old enough to join the adult groups.

In 1998, Sally along with her then wards Hananya, Tikko, Simon, Semach, Bob (who sadly died later that year), Jess, Arfur, Gypsy and Trudy were placed into a group with Charlie, Pacito, Mojo, Mona and Peggy. It worked for a while until Charlie became too rough, resulting in him and Pacito being placed in the Bachelor Group with Mojo whilst Sally returned to the nursery group's enclosure to care for new young chimpanzees whilst the remaining members of the group were then led by Rodney.

Currently, Sally continues to lead her group, which now includes Byran, Ash, Rodders and a fellow adult female chimpanzee Lulu.