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Sam (born 2nd October 1992, age 26) is a male siamang gibbon.

He was born at Banham Zoo on 2nd October 1992. When he was older, Sam was moved to Monkey World and was paired with a female siamang gibbon named Sage, who came from Twycross Zoo. The pair became part of a international breeding programme.

On 19th September 2000, Sam and Sage had a son together named Onion. In order to avoid Sam and Onion getting into conflicts and due to not being any space for siamang gibbons in zoos, it was decided to neuter both Sam and Onion.

Sadly in 2009, Sage passed away.

On 17th May 2011, Onion passed away.

Currently, Sam lives at Monkey World with his new mate Sasak, who came from Dublin Zoo in 2011.