Sinbad (1983 - 2003, aged 20) was a male capuchin monkey.

He was originally bred for cosmetic research and lived at a laboratory in Scotland before being rehomed at a pet shop in Manchester. However, he lived in a cage that was small and filthy. He also had an upstairs room that was filled with rubbish and had a hole in the ceiling leading to the roof, meaning that it Sinbad would have exposed to cold weather and rain.

He was eventually rescued and brought to Monkey World in 1999, where he was placed in an enclosure with another male capuchin named Arthur, who at the time was sharing the enclosure with an overweight ringtailed lemur named George. Sinbad and Arthur eventually took a stand against George after he kept eating their food, resulting in the lemur being removed from the enclosure and eventually returing to his old group.

In 2001, Sinbad and Arthur were joined by a female capuchin named Terri, who had been kept as a pet in London. Sadly later that year, Arthur's health deterioted and he had to be put to sleep. In 2002, Sinbad and Terri were joined by two male capuchins named Tom and Jerry. Sinbad clashed with Tom, but got on well with Jerry.

Sinbad sadly passed away in 2003 from chronic liver disease, which the staff believed that he got from living in the pet shop.