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Tikko (circa 1994 - 17th February 2016, aged 22) was a male chimpanzee.

He was born in Africa and was smuggled from the wild for the pet trade, but the boat he was on, was seized by officials in Isreal.

Tikko along with two other young wild caught chimps named Hananya and Semach and a captive-born chimp named Gypsy came to Monkey World on 28th August 1996 and were placed in the park's nursery group and were cared for by Sally (who was caring for three young chimps named Bob, Arfur and Jess). On the 29th September, they were joined by another young male chimp named Simon (who was found in Spain). In 1998, they were joined by a young female chimp named Trudy (who was being abused by circus owner Mary Chipperfield). That same year, Tikko and his group made a new group with two older male chimps named Charlie (who served as leader) and Pacito. They were later joined by three other older chimps named Mojo, Mona and Peggy (who came from Chico's Group). Later that year, Bob tragically died from a stomach infection and shortly afterwards, Sally fell ill. Worried that Sally may have caught the same illness that killed Bob, Monkey World's staff placed Tikko and his playmates back in their old nursery enclosure away from the adults to stop the disease spreading. After Sally was well again, the group reformed.

In 1999, Mojo left the group and moved to the Bachelor Group after becoming too rough with Tikko and his playmates. That same year, Charlie and Pacito also left the group after Charlie started acting aggressive to the younger chimps. Following this, Rodney took over as leader of the group and Hananya served as his second-in-command.

In 2004 Hananya got into a fight with Rodney, to which Tikko and the other male members of the group (who had grown up with Hananya), took Hananya's side and attacked Rodney, but stopped when they realized that they had hurt Rodney. Sadly, Rodney died during the night from a heart attack. Following this, Hananya took over as leader of the group with Tikko as his second-in-command.

Sadly on 17th February 2016, Tikko died from a heart attack.