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Trudy (born 9th April 1996, age 22) is a female chimpanzee.

She originally lived at Chipperfield Circus with several other chimps including her half-brother Teddy. She was beaten by the circus's then owner Mary Chipperfield. She was forced to live in a cold barn in solitary confinement. Animal rights activits went undercover at the circus and managed to catch footage of Trudy being abused by Chipperfield.

Trudy was eventually confiscated and brought to Monkey World on 22nd April 1998 and was placed in the park's nursery group which was led by Sally. During Chipperfield's court case, Trudy went under the name of "Alice" for her protection. Due to her experiences at the circus, Trudy was nervous and would clutch to a heap of straw for comfort. She also would not socialise with the other young chimps in the nursery due to their boisterious behavior, though she did befriend two of them; Semach and Hananya, who treated Trudy like a sister.

Later in 1998, Trudy along with Sally and the rest of the nursery group (Hananya, Semach, Tikko, Simon, Gypsy, Bob, Arfur and Jess) formed a new group with adult males Charlie (who served as leader) and Pactio. They were later joined by three other adult chimps; Mojo, Mona and Peggy (who acted as an mother figure to Trudy), who had been previous members of Chico's Group, until Chico's death. During this time, Trudy began to be more social with the other chimps in the group. That same year, Bob died from a stomach infection and shortly after, Sally fell ill. Worried that Sally may have caught the same illness that killed Bob, the staff at Monkey World briefly seperated Trudy and her playmates from the adults and put them back in their old nursery enclosure.

In 1999, Charlie and Pacito were removed from the group and moved to the Bachelor Group (which Mojo joined shortly before) after Charlie started lashing out at the other members of the group. Following this, another male chimp named Rodney, took over as leader of the group. Also that year, a female chimp named Cherri (who had previously been in a group led by Paddy) joined the group and formed a close mother-daughter bond with Trudy despite lacking parenting skills to raise her son Seamus (who went on to join Sally's group and later the Bachelor Group). Due to being the youngest member of the group at the time, Trudy was spolied by the adult members of the group (as in chimpanzee society, youngsters are cherished). That same year, Chipperfield was found guilty of 12 charges of animal cruelty.

Currently, Trudy still lives in this group (which is now led by Hananya after Rodney's death in 2004).