Tuan (born cira 1987) is a male Bornean Orangutan and the dominant male of his group.

He was found wandering in Taiwan in 2000, but was captured 3 days later. He was brought to Pingtung Rescue Centre and placed in quarintine. It is presumed that he was a pet that had either escaped or was released by his owners.

Tuan came to Monkey World in 2002 to join the park's other orangutans; Amy, her son Gordon, RoRo, Hsiao-Quai, Hsiao-Lan and Lucky. Tuan acted as a father figure to Gordon, who had lost his father Banghi in 1998.

Tuan has fathered four children; Kai (born 2005) whom he had with Hsiao-Quai, Hsiao-Ning (born 2003) and Dinda (born 2006) whom he had with RoRo, and Awan (born 2012) whom he had with Hsiao-Lan.

Currently, Tuan lives with his daughter Awan, Lucky, A-Mei, RoRo.

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