Tuan (born cira 1987, age 30/31) is a male Bornean Orangutan and the dominant male of his group.

He was found wandering in Taiwan in 2000, but was captured 3 days later. He was brought to Pingtung Rescue Centre and placed in quarintine. It is presumed that he was a pet that had either escaped or was released by his owners after he got too difficult to keep.

Tuan, along with a adolescent female orangutan named Hsiao-Lan, came to Monkey World in 2002 to join the park's other orangutans; Amy, her son Gordon, RoRo, Hsiao-Quai and Lucky. Tuan acted as a father figure to Gordon, who had lost his father Banghi in 1998. However, two years later, Tuan kept being disrupted from mating Amy by Gordon, resulting in the older male biting the youngster. Amy came to his son's defence and a fight broke out, resulting in the group being split into two.

Tuan has fathered four children; Kai (born 2005) whom he had with Hsiao-Quai, Hsiao-Ning (born 2003) and Dinda (born 2006) whom he had with RoRo, and Awan (born 2012) whom he had with Hsiao-Lan.

In 2017, Tuan became a grandfather after Hsiao-Ning gave birth to a daughter named Niah. In February 2018, Tuan gained another granddaughter Lintang via Dinda.

Currently, Tuan lives with his daughter Awan, Lucky, A-Mei, RoRo.